Author Topic: screen/tmux replacement app  (Read 6170 times)

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screen/tmux replacement app
« on: 2014-05-17, 01:19:34 pm »
I'm only running a handful of groups for personal use and didn't want to fiddle with the tmux and screen scripts as I don't really care to monitor or watch them. Sooo...I wrote a small (24kb compiled) C++ app that's essentially a mini-crontab that takes no configuring beyond what you setup in the website itself and "just works".

There are no external library or other dependencies for it. It may or may not work on Windows with some modification, but as I don't run my nZEDb copy on Windows I haven't bothered to try and test that.

Compiled with zero errors/warnings on Debian (testing/jessie) with g++-4.8.2.

I'll probably play with it some more this weekend or next and get it reading from a config, but for now just add/remove commands to the table at the top of the file and recompile if you want to change any of the scripts it runs or how frequently it runs them.

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Re: screen/tmux replacement app
« Reply #1 on: 2014-05-17, 03:56:32 pm »
Neat, thanks for sharing.

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Re: screen/tmux replacement app
« Reply #2 on: 2014-11-03, 02:59:45 pm »
I use this, I modified some of the script flags a bit, but it works really well.