Author Topic: Dumb question - In Progress will not go down  (Read 6698 times)

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Dumb question - In Progress will not go down
« on: 2015-01-10, 07:36:33 am »
I have tried everything that I could find on here and nothing seems to work.

On a clean working system, everything seems to work fine.

I import my old NZBS and most of them import but the In-Progress goes up to 180,000+ and will never go back down.

Most of this is in Misc ( 147K) Movies ( 12K) and TV (30K)

The system is able to keep up with everything new.

At this point I want to simply reset those in-progress catagories to 0 and move on.

I have reset the db and re-imported the nzbs and the problem repeats itself, so the problem is with some bad nzbs. I dont really care to find out what is bad with them, but I figure a reset is in order.


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Re: Dumb question - In Progress will not go down
« Reply #1 on: 2015-01-27, 02:40:56 pm »
Having some releases queued for PP is not necessarily a problem. IIRC by default releases < 1MB are not PP'd, check site-edit for that param. Also if you PP only "clean" releases the "unclean" stay in the in process queues. There's a page on the wiki with some SQL queries to check what's still in the those queues and clear if needed.

Calling misc/testing/Release/delete_releases.php without params gives an example of how to delete such releases. Adjust to suit your config.