Author Topic: DB import of tvrage_titles does not work, likely is no longer used.  (Read 3827 times)

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As for tvrage I think the missing table format is as follows:
create table tvrage_titles (id int(10), rageid int(10), releasetitle varchar(255),country varchar(2));

the import is then:
LOAD DATA INFILE "/websites/nZEDb16/resources/db/schema/data/10-tvrage_titles.tsv" IGNORE INTO TABLE `tvrage_titles` FIELDS TERMINATED BY "\t" OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY "\"" LINES TERMINATED BY "\r\n" IGNORE 1 LINES (id, rageid, releasetitle, country);

Then there are bad lines: all contain only one " this is not escaped
621     621     "orrible        UK 
7964    7964    "Til Death Do Us Part   US
8474    8474    "Til Death      US
11394   11394   "66 And All That        AU
14492   14492   "Twas the Night Before Christmas        US
17517   17517   "da Kink In My Hair     CA
19531   19531   "t Schaep Met De 5 Pooten       NL
20210   20210   "t Zal je maar gebeuren NL
20392   20392   "t Vrije Schaep NL
22084   22084   "t Is Hier Wéér Fantasties!     NL
27069   27069   "t Spaanse Schaep       NL
34155   34155   "t Schaep in Mokum      NL

After making these changes the import is succesful, but as I stated above I do not think this is actually used anywhere as even the table creation is missing, only 2 refrences to editing the table still exist:
patches/mysql/0303~general.sql:RENAME TABLE tvrage TO tvrage_titles;
patches/mysql/0384~tvrage_titles.sql:# Note: This patch adds the column hascover to tvrage_titles
patches/mysql/0384~tvrage_titles.sql:ALTER TABLE tvrage_titles ADD COLUMN hascover TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 COMMENT 'Does series have cover art?' AFTER imgdata;

Hope this helps,

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TVRage is not used since the site went down. Have you followed development in last 6+ months?

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As I said it it seemed unused, though there are still a few other references to the table around (likely also completely unused) but is still called as part of the installation process, that was the point of the post, to let the developers know the calls to tvrage are still present.  Also to let them know as well as the fact that and  file is invalid, which causes additional errors during the installation (normally these are not propagated to the UI), but  I diagnosed this as part of fixing another issue (mysql 5.7+) data import and thought I'd post what I'd found, as the fix should be simply to remove the file (10-tvrage_titles.tsv) from the build.

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