Author Topic: Resolved - Postprocessing (top frame in Tmux), odd errors  (Read 8353 times)

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Sorry best I could do was a picture, but during post processing I'm getting these error messages appearing, in the top frame of tmux.  It is also writing  random 0 byte files such as:
??1???????J?C????2[???*?L-****?r???????                                               ????:?9??
2?????21??5?=}                                                                        ????:?9?????????Jq??V??????
Kd^G]kR=@?j?                                                                          ???W?p???zk
?C1%??j7???L???*****?r???????}????Jm????????KKJ????????JqJxo?~JWJ^[J?^bZ??X????Z]X??  ?l?B????~???
In the directory where I run tmux from, it is annoying if nothing else, but I do not see what is the cause, any ideas?


The issues seems to be with the yydecode application, I removed it (blanked out the line) switching back to php based decoding and these messages seem to have gone away.
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Re: Resolved - Postprocessing (top frame in Tmux), odd errors
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If you are on anything newer than PHP 5.6 simple_yenc_decoder and yydecode will create only problems as they do not support PHP 7+.