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Release 2017-08-07
« on: 2017-08-07, 08:39:53 am » 2017-08-07
***NOTE*** As the latest version of Debian (Debian 9) now supports PHP 7.0, PHP 5.6 Is now
   deprecated. We will be removing support for it before the end of the year, probably within 2-3
   months, so update as soon as you can.
   * New TMDb library code. Switching to use php-tmdb/api library from github.

   * Updated steamfront version.
   * Set 'updated' date to zero value when inserting new IRCScraper entries. Should help prevent
      certain errors cause by bad SQL modes. ***NOTE*** Make sure your SQL_MODE does not include
      NO_NON_ZERO DATES or similar options.
    * Move location for predb-progress.txt to the standard configuration directory. If you use the
     'progress' setting for importing predb files, you will have to move this manually.

   * Removed check for tpg in collection_regexes-test.php's template, which caused problems with
   * Version checks in .../nzedb/NZB.php and .../nzedb/Tmux.php use the XML file instead of the
    repository, so that non-dev installs work without the repository.
   * Replace spaces with tab, causing steam_app last_update setting to fail on insertion.
   * Check for existing apikey before sending request to GiantBomb. Prevent authentication errors
    showing up in PPA.
   * Check that '*filestoformreleases' index exists before checking its value for new group
      creation. This was preventing nzb importing from handling new groups.