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Release 2017-10-02
« on: 2017-10-03, 02:17:25 am » 2017-10-02
***NOTE*** This version removes support of PHP 5.6

   * Post-Processing of Adult releases has been refactored. This should improve identifying posts.
   * Disable caching in php-tmdb library.
   * Remove nZEDbPre2 channel from ircscraper_settings_example.php.
   * Restored sort order of PreDB model to be by creation date.

   * `./zed update` always updates dependencies, even when code base hasn't changed.
   * Quick fix for some XSS vulnerabilities.
   * Make sure page count is set, even when there are no entries. Avoids an unset variable   error.
   * predb_import_daily_batch.php had a bug which prevented matching of timestamps in some