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« on: 2017-10-08, 03:17:35 pm »
I've started development on a Laravel fork of the nZEDb front-end. It's a long time coming and it'll be awhile before it's ready to be used but I thought i'd post here to let people know. The basic idea is to separate the pieces of nZEDb into 3 distinct modules. The web front-end, the API, and the indexer. This will allow for much greater flexibility of deployment and scaling for those of us interested in such things.

In my opinion the first step is to break out the front-end as it is the least-complicated piece of the puzzle. Initially this re-write will include both the website and the api however i will eventually break that up into two pieces as well. It was a tough decision but I figured while I'm still building the data model it would benefit my thought process to consider them both at the same time to avoid any kind of obvious mistakes that might come up by focusing on one but not the other. Additionally I plan on adding a bunch of new features to the web front-end that are directly related to the API, things like building custom RSS feeds and perhaps even a query builder and test page (like a lot of API's have).

If you're interested in following the dev, here's the repo: I've also created a channel on synirc: #LaranZEDb where we can discuss stuff, also development progress will be posted there.

Here's a little snippet of the console-based install process I'm planning:

I welcome all feedback and PR's ;)

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