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Release 2017-12-04
« on: 2017-12-05, 03:25:37 am » 2017-12-04
   * settings.example.php has new constants for a maintenance mode. If the mode is set to true
    then the API/web site return a status of 503 with the message "Maintenance Mode". The page
    returned by the server should be defined with the MAINTENANCE_MODE_HTML_PATH constant.
         **NOTE** This requires that you update your settings.php file. There are two things
         to change.
         1) the version number from 4 to 5. Near the top of the file.
         2) The addition of the maintenance mode constants near the bottom of the file. This
           is optional, but it is wise to add them.

   * Removed the logged in user check, during API key checking. This prevents incorrect keys from
   being used.

   * Corrected status code for "Missing parameter (apikey)" redirect.
   * Made username check be case-sensitive, as they should *always* be.
   * Not found exception some users were experiencing.