Author Topic: Release 2018-06-04  (Read 3106 times)

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Release 2018-06-04
« on: 2018-06-04, 01:24:03 am » 2018-06-04
   * Increase size of 'xref' column in collections' tables due to some larger sizes reported.

   * Replacing last use of each() in nZEDb code. Note that two libraries (forkdaemon and
    guzzlehttp/promises) still use it however. 2018-05-07
   * tpg' option (to './zed verify tables' sub-command), which checks for missing tables of active
    groups and creates them. It does not delete tables of inactive groups.

   * Issue where the date after 'release have been disabled/terminated by Releases' was printed as
    the format string instead of the formatted numbers. 2018-04-05
   * Actually merge in the PHPMailer fix. 2018-04-05
   * PHPMailer 'Call to a member function isHTML() on null' error.