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Release 2018-08-06
« on: 2018-08-07, 01:33:34 am » 2018-08-06
   * Removed release counts, for the themes that used it, on group list templates.
   * Strip '00-' from searchname (mostly music titles) when parsing Par2 for a better name.
   * Search for all other/unknown categories (not just Misc>Other) when trying to fix names using
   * Add categorization for a.b.sounds.

   * Typo in querying database timezone.
   * When fetching RecordSet, check it is valid. If it is, return it;  otherwise return an empty
   * app\models\Groups::getBackfilling() to return array of groups filtered by active and backfill
   * Undefined index 'groupname' for Admin grouplist active/inactive pages.
   * Admin grouplist inactive page returning active groups.
   * \app\models\Groups::getRange() to correctly handle pagination and filtering by a groupname.
   * Query string for group (in)active pages pagination.
   * Quotation marks around $groupname need to be double, not single. Filtering should work again.
   * Update location of smarty's library files for the SMARTY_DIR constant during install.