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Release 2018-12-03
« on: 2018-12-03, 11:33:40 pm » 2018-12-03
   * Improved accuracy of PreDb matching. Closes issue 2568.
   * Add pagination links in Browse Groups for Alpha, Charisma, Gamma, Gentele, and Omicron Themes.
   * Corrected categories table data for Book entries. This caused books (Comics, etc.) to be
    listed in the wrong subcategory.
   * New groups not respecting number of days/posts to initialise with and then starting from
    the first header on the server. 2018-11-05
   * New anime title regex in PPA to capture more titles correctly.
   * Support for mediaInfo's new format in v17.12+

   * Renamed 'Complete Sequential' to 'Custom Sequential' in tmux settings, to avoid confusion of
    people thinking it is more complete than Simple.

   * Make sure newly activated groups have TPG tables, if TPG mode is enabled and MGR mode is not.
   * Fix anime last updated check to correctly return if an update was attempted 'recently'.
   * Correct generic music regex to actually match the example.
   * Corrected counter on predb import daily script, so it no longer reports -1 remaining. 2018-10-02
   * Updated scripts in .../misc/testing/DB to use modern require_once syntax (instead of nesting
    multiple dirname() calls. Also added a new require_once to two scripts that need
    .../configuration/settings.php to run. Note they will cause an error if the file does not
    exist, but it should be obvious to the user what the problem is.
     If any other scripts are complaining about missing nZEDb_* or other constants let Niel know
    and he'll update them as well.