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Board Rules - Please read!
« on: 2013-05-17, 10:33:35 am »

Welcome to the nZEDb community - where we <3 binaries! We hope that you find nZEDb useful and our community helpful. We ask that you spend a few minutes reading the rules below to ensure your stay and others' stay remains enjoyable!

Rules of the land:

  • Don't be a ninny!
  • See rule 1.
  • Use forum search functionality - it's there for a reason since a lot of common questions have probably been answered.
  • Please wait 6 hours between thread bumps - our developers and supports folks spend a considerable time working on improving the indexer software so it may take a bit of time before you get a response.
  • Be respectful to fellow members, moderators and administrators - everyone here is donating their time, sweat and blood!
  • We welcome constructive criticism - if you feel a feature is lacking or if you would like to see a feature implemented - don't be shy! Let us know and perhaps your wish shall become reality!
  • While we are not enforcing a G-rated environment, please avoid from using excessive profanity.
  • Absolutely no posting of illegal, copyrighted or otherwise explicit content. Violators of any state or federal laws will be banned immediately and reported to the proper authorities. We have zero tolerance for this.
  • Last but not least - as mentioned, nZEDb is an open-source, free-of-charge software. Support for it is provided both by the developers and the community that was built around it. While not a requirement, donations are always welcomed so if you have a few Washingtons (or Loonies) to spend - please feel free to drop 'em in our coffers! We'll be ever-so-grateful for your generosity!

Thanks for reading!

nZEDb staff.
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