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« on: 2013-11-06, 03:52:42 pm »
GrabNZBs has been updated. If a duplicate is detected, the option to replace the release in the db with the current nzb was added.

The reason is, when nZEDb creates a release it is only for the group that it was downloaded from, even if the poster posted to many groups. We then take and delete all the other 'crossposted' releases. We should be merging ( I will when I learn how ) and so GrabNZBs can replace the single group nzb with the original one posted by the poster, containing all groups originally posted to.

The purpose for this is that when parts are missing in one group, they may be available in one of the other groups.

It is considered to be a dupe if these match:
Code: [Select], releases.fromname, releases.groupid, releases.size
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