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Title: Hey everyone
Post by: jeremyrem on 2018-09-12, 11:08:08 am
Just wanted to introduce myself.

Been running my own server for years now, and just got back into usenet maybe 6-7 months ago (using the free indexers and 1 paid).

Anyways, got sick of everyone one wanting money to look at subpar indexers (only few categories I am interested in games are a big one) and finally decided to roll my own, hence how I found this place.

Long story short, have been using nzedb for maybe the past week pretty successfully, still have a lot of stuff to fix on my end (a lot of titles don't rename that well, among a few other issues) that I am working on, but overall I am very happy with the software and the community.

Thanks for accepting my application for the forums and look forward to learning more
Title: Re: Hey everyone
Post by: Darius on 2018-09-13, 02:46:54 am
Welcome to the nZEDb forums. We hope you will have a nice experience with both the indexing and forum.