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Support / Help with install/running problems
« Last post by skiv180 on 2017-11-18, 07:44:16 AM »
Hi, I need some help with a couple of problems that I am having getting nZEDb to work. I installed it on a Centos 7 machine with PHP 7.1, MariaDB 10, NGINX and Composer installed. My initial problem was that when I browsed to localhost/install I could see the Welcome page (index.php) but when I clicked on Go to step 1, it would just reload the index.php page.

Trying to fix this I created another problem, I tried creating a blank install.lock and config.php, but when I browsed to localhost/install I got a blank web page. So I deleted config.php again, but now I get an error:

Code: [Select]
Fatal error: Uncaught RuntimeException: Unable to load configuration file '/var/www/nZEDb/configuration/config.php'. Make sure it has been created and contains correct settings. in /var/www/nZEDb/nzedb/config/Configure.php:51 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/nZEDb/nzedb/config/Configure.php(131): nzedb\config\Configure->loadSettings('config', true) #1 /var/www/nZEDb/nzedb/config/Configure.php(42): nzedb\config\Configure->loadEnvironment('indexer') #2 /var/www/nZEDb/nzedb/bootstrap.php(31): nzedb\config\Configure->__construct('indexer') #3 /var/www/nZEDb/libraries/lithium/core/Libraries.php(326): require('/var/www/nZEDb/...') #4 /var/www/nZEDb/libraries/lithium/core/Libraries.php(304): lithium\core\Libraries::_configure(Array) #5 /var/www/nZEDb/app/config/bootstrap/libraries.php(135): lithium\core\Libraries::add('nzedb', Array) #6 /var/www/nZEDb/app/config/bootstrap.php(34): require_once('/var/www/nZEDb/...') #7 /var/www/nZEDb/www/smarty.php(22): require_once('/var/www/nZEDb/...') #8 /var/www/nZEDb/www/install/index.php(7): requir in /var/www/nZEDb/nzedb/config/Configure.php on line 51
So I need help to fix this second problem, then to solve the initial one.
Support / Understanding release building flow
« Last post by hewmasters on 2017-11-16, 07:58:38 PM »
Hi All,

I am trying to figure out why some releases aren't being picked up and turned into actual releases.  This is not a "Why are my releases staying hashed" im ok with that for now.

The issue is that I can see all the parts for all the binaries ids for a release, I can see that all the binaries exist in the binaries table (100% completion) however in the collections table there is only 7 collections.

Since this posting is across 7 different groups I assume this may have something to do with it.


1) In the parts table all 42 parts are split across the 7 collection_id's, is this significant?
2) Why are releases that are split across multiple groups not being correlated?
3) After about 30 mins all the parts/binaries/collections are removed from the DB (and no subsequent release is created), what is removing this?

Support / Rename files to allow correct naming.
« Last post by ebro on 2017-11-15, 06:03:56 AM »
I note that I have a lot of releases in my system that have not been assigned to any series name due to the names.

ie. "Rockford.Files.412.The.Queen.Of.Peru.part01.rar yEnc"

If I change the searchname to "Rockford.Files.s04e12.The.Queen.Of.Peru.part01.rar yEnc" reset tv_episode to 0 from -4 and rerun postprocess tv the file is picked up and added to the correct series.

What do other people do to have this name type assigned to the correct series?

Support / Custom content pages?
« Last post by houseofdreams on 2017-11-15, 04:55:14 AM »

I want to add custom content pages to my site, but I'm at a loss..

In site settings -> menu Items -> add, I added a menu (title=test, href=test, role=user, ordinal=0)
In site settings -> Content Page -> add, I added a page (Title=test, url=/test, content is filled with some text, content type= article, show in menu=yes, status=enabled, ordinal=0)

But in no way, when i visit I see a new page, instead, I get a HTTP ERROR 500...

So I'm at a loss.
Support / Re: ./zed: 2: ./zed: libraries/lithium/console/li3: not found
« Last post by Admiral on 2017-11-13, 02:56:29 PM »
Have you run "composer install" from inside the nzedb directory? This happened to me because I hadn't run composer to download and install the external libraries.
I have actually , even that file is present
General Talk / Re: Donate to the cause everyone..
« Last post by david_ritterhous on 2017-11-13, 11:54:08 AM »
lol, love the username.
General Talk / Donate to the cause everyone..
« Last post by dildo_baggins on 2017-11-13, 05:50:51 AM »
for all those who take advantage of Niel and Darius' hardwork (amongst others).  help out the cause if you can. donate (  ive never seen an opensource project this helpful and responsive.  help out our brothers here who bring us NZEDB.  5 bucks. 10 bucks wont kill you.  its money you saved by using the fruit of their labor.
Support / Re: Error storing dump file
« Last post by finalmillenium on 2017-11-12, 09:13:56 PM »
Check the output from ls -l in the nzedb directory, it will show you the permissions.  something like this:
-rwxr-xr-x  1 www-data www-data   45 Oct 10 01:30 file
Permissions, links, owner, group, size, date, filename
I suggest you google for a crash course on permissions, not hard to learn just not easy to explain in a forum post. Might be ownership issue, but I can't say without seeing the setup or logs.
Support / Re: Error storing dump file
« Last post by houseofdreams on 2017-11-12, 04:52:56 AM »
Disk is only at 19% (should have made a bigger disk to start with) so that isn't the problem.

I have to be honest, I'm a long time windows user, so I'm still not up to speed on the permissions on linux. I have only a webserver running, following multiple tutorials :)

Another question: I'm currently running ZNC / IRCScraper, so I assume the daily import of these files isn't actually needed?
Have you run "composer install" from inside the nzedb directory? This happened to me because I hadn't run composer to download and install the external libraries.
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