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Support / Re: PRE's that do not appear in the regular PREDB
« Last post by archer on 2018-08-11, 02:07:52 PM »
12 hours is not that long on the weekend. People have things to do other than watch chat all day :-)

You may be misunderstanding the purpose of the PReDb table. It is not to list every scene release, but to allow decoding of hashed releases.

On the other hand, if you understand that, then that site is either listing releases from private sources OR they are simply listing every release they hear of regardless of if they can find it on usenet.

That site appears to be a tool for finding if a release exists, it does nothing to help you find it.
Support / PRE's that do not appear in the regular PREDB
« Last post by sinistra on 2018-08-11, 08:50:39 AM »
Since the chat was idle for over 12 hours i'm going to post it here aswell.

On this URL: there appear to be PRE's that do not appear in the regular PREDB, are they private? or is there another channel to scrape? if so, does anybody know the name? besides the 2 known defined in the ircscraper_settings.php?
Announcements / Release 2018-08-06
« Last post by Wally73 on 2018-08-07, 01:33:34 AM » 2018-08-06
   * Removed release counts, for the themes that used it, on group list templates.
   * Strip '00-' from searchname (mostly music titles) when parsing Par2 for a better name.
   * Search for all other/unknown categories (not just Misc>Other) when trying to fix names using
   * Add categorization for a.b.sounds.

   * Typo in querying database timezone.
   * When fetching RecordSet, check it is valid. If it is, return it;  otherwise return an empty
   * app\models\Groups::getBackfilling() to return array of groups filtered by active and backfill
   * Undefined index 'groupname' for Admin grouplist active/inactive pages.
   * Admin grouplist inactive page returning active groups.
   * \app\models\Groups::getRange() to correctly handle pagination and filtering by a groupname.
   * Query string for group (in)active pages pagination.
   * Quotation marks around $groupname need to be double, not single. Filtering should work again.
   * Update location of smarty's library files for the SMARTY_DIR constant during install.
Support / Re: PHP-Yenc, simple_php_yenc_decode, or yydecode.
« Last post by sinistra on 2018-07-24, 11:37:24 AM »
Thanks, seems the default is running perfectly.
Support / Re: PHP-Yenc, simple_php_yenc_decode, or yydecode.
« Last post by kaibosh on 2018-07-24, 11:22:40 AM »
PHP's 7.x native yenc decoding is now quite fast, so these extensions no longer bring the great benefits they once did.

For php 7.1 you can compile niels php-yenc extension yourself. There's a step-by-step guide here:

I'm using php-yenc the moment, but probably won't bother using it again when updating to 7.2.
Support / Re: File Renaming
« Last post by kaibosh on 2018-07-24, 10:53:01 AM »
match_prefiles.php might have renamed those releases incorrectly due to bad predb entries. Check the predb table for records with a title of "front" and "folder" and delete those ones. Other common errors are "CD1" and "VIDEO_TS"  IIRC. This will stop this happening again in the future.

To undo the bad renames that have already occurred, you can reset the post-processing flags of the releases that matched those now deleted predb_ids.

As drakejones mentions, issues like these are quicker resolved in IRC. It's best to use a proper IRC client and be prepared to wait a few hours for an answer.
Support / Re: File Renaming
« Last post by drakejones on 2018-07-21, 11:35:39 PM »
I managed to get the names fixed by running "resetSearchname.php", if I remember correctly.  But you may have a larger issue if you have to manually run "match_prefiles.php" to get releases renamed. 

In the menu bar near the top of this page there is a "Chat" option...  If ask about your issue, the devs will help you out.  Be patient...

If the Chat button doesn't function - like mine with Firefox, install a chat client like HexChat.  The server is "synIRC" and the channel is "#nZEDb" (w/o quites).
Support / Re: File Renaming
« Last post by KLH on 2018-07-21, 09:38:36 AM »
Any news on this?

The only way I have been able to get a lot of my releases renamed is by using the match_prefiles.php script. Just noticed during last run a number renamed to "" with a preid of ""... WTH!?!?! heh

googled best of buddha beats and this thread popped up.

Anyway, I found I have about 250 of these bad renames (None of which are EVEN audio), out of the 1000's that processed good.

Easily fixable??
Support / Re: Category List
« Last post by Wally73 on 2018-07-15, 08:57:04 AM »
looks fine by me
Support / Category List
« Last post by loopher on 2018-07-14, 10:02:13 PM »
Hello everyone,

I recently scratched then reloaded my nZEDb server.  After I brought up the new server,  I noticed there is a discrepancy with the categories under the Books section. 

I am seeing the following IDs:

ID              Title
7000           Books
7010           Ebook
7020           Comics
7030           Magazines
7040           Technical
7060           Foreign
7999           Other

Before I make some changes, I wanted to make sure the list above is correct.  I do not believe it is and suspect a db patch did not get applied.  Just trying to get confirmation before I break out my wrench.   :D

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