Author Topic: cli TMUX script stop  (Read 3829 times)

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cli TMUX script stop
« on: 2014-03-26, 08:31:53 am »
I would like to shut down the nzedb server remotely via SSH, as its on a dumb UPS with lots of uptime but no interfacing (just extends certain death). I have nzedb installed on ubuntu server 13.10 and can easily get the system to power down over SSH when another system on a smartUPS shutdown is triggered. My question is how can I stop nzedb cleanly first? The config is in the GUI now. Any help is appreciated.


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Re: cli TMUX script stop
« Reply #1 on: 2014-03-26, 09:06:49 am »
Send a SQL command to stop the scripts then kill tmux.

UPDATE tmux SET value = 0 WHERE setting = 'running';
Wait up to however long it takes on average for monitor.php to loop and see the running value is 0
tmux kill-session
shutdown server