Author Topic: Import nzbs via web ui spawns request for args. How do I pass args to tmux?  (Read 1955 times)

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I apologize in advance if it's poor manners to post a question in two places (Import nzbs via web ui spawns request for arguments. How do I pass args to a tmux frame? #1576), but...

I downloaded the nZEDb_x torrents linked to in the forum. I can import the bulk NZBs manually via cli (using nzb-import.php arg 1-n), but I do get "session" errors when I subsequently run my tmux session. Enabling "Import nzbs" via the web ui's "Tmux Settings Edit" page (my preferred method because of the threading and automation) spawns the import nzb process (using import.php?) but asks for arguments - just as the manual import does. How do I pass arguments to a process running in a tmux frame? More specifically: how do I use threading with NZB imports?

By the way - nZEDB is very nice project. Kudos.