Author Topic: synirc doesn't like tor.  (Read 3813 times)


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synirc doesn't like tor.
« on: 2015-11-19, 03:30:18 am »

I host a Tor relay all of my servers, this also includes the server hosting my nzedb site. This seems to be an issue:

Closing Link: justme_forum[x.x.x.x] (User has been banned from synIRC (Connecting to our network via TOR is not permitted. For more information, please see

Is there any ways around this while keeping the tor relay up?
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Re: synirc doesn't like tor.
« Reply #1 on: 2015-11-19, 03:47:41 am »
Not really an IRCscarper issue; it's a synirc/tor issue
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Re: synirc doesn't like tor.
« Reply #2 on: 2015-11-20, 08:38:09 pm »
Your only option is to set up a bouncer that isn't on the Tor network and have your IRC Scraper configuration connect to it from Tor.  Lots of people get a small, cheap VPS somewhere to host ZNC for them so the buffer stays active while they do maintenance or if their local internet connection drops out so they don't miss Pres.  Just make sure you don't leave ports wide open or SynIRC will ban you for proxying.  Provided its well defended and for personal use, they don't care if you run a bouncer.  Probably best to tunnel to your bouncer rather than do a direct connect as you'll never know what IP to permit from the Tor network.